10 Steps To Success With Your ADHD / Anxious Child

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What Others Are Saying About The ADHD Mama Guide'

'You have brilliant stratagies that work' 

Your positivity towards ADHD is amazing. You have taught me to the more positive side and focus on the good and not the bad. The ADHD Mama Guide has shown me how to 'love' more and I use this method every day. It totally works! You have brilliant strategies that work. The pasta in the jar is another example of something that ACTUALLY works! Love & light to you Susy Parker x  

— Felicity Tonna

'I love the ADHD Mama Guide'

Thank you so much Susy! I love the ADHD Mama Guide. I've just started implementing your tips and the results were amazing!! You're results are reaching many households - thank you!  

— Caroline 

'The progress has been AMAZING!'

I thought there was something seriously wrong with my daughter, but then I read came across the ADHD Mama Guide and I also read Susy's book 'Saving Sarah' and she took the words right out of my head! Having an ADHD child (or two in my case) makes it hard sometimes. I'm so happy to be able to take a second and re-evaluate how to handle the situations - the progress has been AMAZING! I'm even going to attempt an unmedicated year for them! Keep spreading your love & light Susy!  

— Karen