Love the workshops and support in this group! Thank you Susy for creating a space where we can share and for putting that positive spin on ADHD! It's been life-changing to get past the "why me?", "why us?" "this is too hard, I don't WANT to do it" "I'm not enjoying this season of motherhood"... and actually start to enjoying my kids again! Thank you so much!!!

Jessie McStay

Does this sound like you?

 🌟 You're feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused and judged

 🌟 You dread the daily or weekly conversations with teachers /caregivers

 🌟 You feel guilty and sometimes blame yourself

 🌟 You want to look ar diet, defieciences, allergies and other holistic support, but you have no idea where to start

🌟 You are feeling unspported in some of the other groups and you are craving community

🌟 You worry that something is being missed and the experts aren't supporting you

 🌟 You're feeling a pull in your heart that things need to change

🌟 You're afraid to listen to your intuition and have lost faith in yourself

Then Our Sisterhood Is For You

I believe things happen in life for a reason. I was given a son with Autism for a reason and I am blessed. Somehow I was introduced to Susy Parker, not through her book, but through her IG, and I am thankful everyday. After learning about her book, I read and took in every word she wrote. Have you ever read something and thought... did I write this? This book was like reading my personal journal. Her stories of her daughter are so real and truthful. I can feel the anxiety, frustration and emotion as Susy describes situations, as I have experienced them too. As a fellow "Sister" to Susy I love being her in sisterhood. I believe sharing your experiences is a gift, and her story is beautiful, heartfelt and one that really touched my soul. Thank you Susy for sharing your truth! xo 

Alli Baldocchi, California

You'll get access to:  

🌟 My friendly, safe, supportive private Facebook Community group of mums 

🌟 Weekly Facebook Lives and Q&A's with me covering everything from my two books; Saving Sarah & The ADHD Mama Guide. Plus my experience as an ADHD mum & coach supporting my daughter and thousands of mums worldwide

🌟 You can watch back on all the live workshops that we cover each week, so you always have that resource to hand.

🌟 Easy to implement tips and strategies that will work both at home & at school

🌟 Topics such as diet, gut health, natural alternatives, self-care for mums, support with teachers, friendships, siblings, family, partner's and so much more..

🌟 Ongoing support, motivation, positivity & 100% honesty (yes I have those shit days too)!

🌟 Facebook Q&A's with pyscotherapists, doctors, dieticians, other ADHD'ers and parents that I've met or worked with over the last few years

🌟 Understanding Indigo Children and looking at their differences as a positive thing

🌟 How to discover your child's superpower and learn to 'power up' their gifts (I'm a certified Coach with Tournesol Kids) 

🌟 Self-care support (because you need it) through meditations, EFT (tapping), oils, crystals and all the hippie vibes..

🌟 A community with other women who also feel a calling in their hearts to make a change

I am a mother of 5 year old Indigo daughter and joining Susy's Sisterhood has been AMAZING! She is literally changing my life. Susy comes from such a place of love and understanding, which has helped me to see what an amazing daughter I have! The script in the group is flipped from negative labels and traditional methods of discipline that is going to make our kids behave or else, which by the way was a long painful road that did not work for us. To seeing my daughter as the larger than life, powerful, intuitive and highly connected soul that she is. I now know that I am blessed to have a daughter with these amazing gifts, not cursed. I now know that I have to be the one who changes and figure out how to guide her, not change her, and allow her to grow and change the world, because that is what she will do! This group is a safe judgment free zone. It's a place for sharing and healing, in a fun and postive environment with other parents living the struggle, because the struggle is real! It helps keep me grounded on the days I am overwhelmed, connected when I am feeling lost, positive on the days I feel the negativity creeping in and find laughter and friendship with others living this blessed and crazy life with these amazing children. From the bottom of my heart, I will forever be grateful for you Susy! 

Gina Storeholder, Ohio  

What you will get

Here's how it works...  

👩‍💻 Each Wednesday at 9:00am AWST, I will host a LIVE workshop and Q&A session in the private Facebook group  

💻 If you can't make the LIVE workshop, please join the discussion thread where you can ask questions, add comments or share tips & tricks that work for you. This allows you to receive further help, feedback advice and guidance from myself as well as the other community members 

🌟 If you can't make the lives, you can send me the questions beforehand and I can cover them for you in the live

🌟 Each month I will endeavour to host a live at a different time, so my UK & Europe sisters can jump on in and join me (these will be adhoc depending on life, kids, hear me mama's)!

💻 Plus, in the private facebook group you will find lots of other videos that I've created to support & guide you on your journey.

The BEST part? You can start your trial for just $1 for the next 7 days, and you can cancel at anytime.

Not sure if it's for you? Here what some other mama's have said..

You must read Saving Sarah straight away!

This is a must read! I encourage every teacher, OT, therapist, parent...really anyone to read this book. Susy Parker speaks very honestly about the behind the scene struggles that come with ADHD. She is a loving Momma that is on a journey to do whatever it takes to help her daughter. She is an inspiration to my personal journey with helping my own daughter. 

— Kim Lott 

'What a fantastic book!'  

I read this book from back to front in 5 days (I haven't read a full book in about 5 years!!) I thoroughly enjoyed it & could relate to both her tears & laughter through-out her journey. It was a down to earth (yet thoroughly researched) approach from the viewpoint of a mother & the 'patient' her daughter Sarah - trying to cope through the medical 'jungle' and confusion. Would definitely recommend reading this esp to anyone going through something similar xxx  

— Claire

'A beautiful story of family love & acceptance!'  

I couldn't put this book down. Susy has written with such honesty about family life and doesn't hold back when describing the tough times they have all had with Sarah. What begins as a search for an appropriate 'cure' for Sarah, doesn't end as such; it's much more holistic than that and this is a beautiful story of family love and acceptance that I think anyone can draw advice and inspiration from. Hats off to Susy for telling it exactly what life with children can be like, and I'm so pleased for you all that home is so much happier now. 

— Helen McGaw