'This is a must read!'

 I encourage every teacher, OT, therapist, parent...really anyone to read this book. Susy Parker speaks very honestly about the behind the scene struggles that come with ADHD. She is a loving Momma that is on a journey to do whatever it takes to help her daughter. She is an inspiration to my personal journey with helping my own daughter.


Saving Sarah -How to live, love & laugh with ADHD

Saving Sarah is a mother’s honest and raw account of her family’s experience reveals the human face behind the growing ADHD epidemic. In 2014, just after Susy Parker and her family moved to Australia from the UK, her eldest daughter Sarah (then aged six) was diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. A few months later, she was also diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). Saving Sarah charts her family’s rollercoaster journey from diagnosis, through the consulting rooms of various specialists, their confusion over the conflicting medical advice they received and Susy’s eventual decision to quit the medications and find her own way to save her daughter and their family. Susy is an amazing force of nature and by sharing her family’s experience in her book and through her blog, Susy is on a mission to create a 'Positive ADHD movement' to remove the stigma, misunderstanding and labelling that comes with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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What Others Are Saying 

So thankful I read this book!

I'm so thankful I ran into this book because it taught me that I'm not alone going through this. I was going through the same struggles with my son. At the time, I felt like there's nothing more I can do to better the situation but this book gave me courage and strength to be a loving mom. I learned to embrace and give more love. The struggle is still real but I feel like I see things different now after reading this book. I was surprised to see how a little change in perspective made all the difference.


Great Insight

Loving this as a Mom with an ADHD child. Susy brings to light a world that most Mom's/parents are afraid to talk about. The taboo of ADHD is no longer seen as the elephant in the room and speaks to the emotional well being of the child as well as offering insight and perspectives for caregivers.


I couldn't put this book down

Susy has written with such honesty about family life and doesn't hold back when describing the tough times they have all had with Sarah. What begins as a search for an appropriate 'cure' for Sarah, doesn't end as such; it's much more holistic than that and this is a beautiful story of family love and acceptance that I think anyone can draw advice and inspiration from. Hats off to Susy for telling it exactly what life with children can be like, and I'm so pleased for you all that home is so much happier now.


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